The Program

The Harvard Crimson Reading Program is an easy, fun and interactive way for students to celebrate their reading accomplishments!  Harvard student-athletes will kick-off the initiative by visiting participating classrooms. Throughout the program, kids will complete reading level appropriate assignments for a chance to be part of an unforgettable experience at a Harvard athletics event this winter.

Our Goal

Encourage and inspire kids to read more frequently while welcoming local schools into the Harvard Athletics Community.

Who & When

The program is intended for grades - Kindergarten through 8th grade and all schools throughout the state of Massachusetts are welcome to participate.  The program's start and end dates are flexible and solely based on what each individual school desires.

Student-Athlete Site Visits

Harvard students will visit participating classroom to talk about the importance of reading and share with kids some of their favorite books!


Every student that completes the Reading Program will win a FREE ticket to the Harvard football game against Columbia on Saturday, November 5th.  Prior to the game participating students and their families will be invited onto the field for a pre-game parade.  Each school in attendance will also receive PA and scoreboard recognition during the game.


"It was so much fun to read to the kids and speak with them about the short and long-term importance of reading. I hope that the kids were able to learn a little bit more about how much reading can impact their lives as well as it's significance in my life as a student-athlete" -Nathan Krusko '20, B.A. Candidate in Economics & Men's Hockey Captain

"...much like sport exercises your body, reading exercises your brain. This may seem like a simple connection to us, but I think it was well received by a beaming group of wriggling kids.  They all seemed excited that we had made the effort to come and read to them, when in reality, we were excited that they had been eager to listen to us!" -Robyn Beese '20, Women's Rugby Captain

"Thank you so much for everything today.  The kids and staff loved it.  Your student-athletes were wonderful and did an amazing job!" -Courtney Triffletti, Assistant Principal, Indian Brook Elementary School

"I can't thank all of you enough!  I was delighted with how well the day went. The children had a blast and you guys were such naturals with them! I really think you might have to think of a career change and come work with us at Lincoln School!" -Ella Adams-MacLeod, Literacy Specialist, Lincoln Elementary School

Harvard Gazette

This past winter, four student-athletes participated in a virtual reading exercise with the 4-grade classes at the Gardner Pilot Academy in Allston.  Check out the article written by the Harvard Gazette to learn more about how they were able to share the importance of reading from a remote setting.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like for your school or classroom to participate in our Reading Program, please contact Jeffrey Botwick at 617-495-5054 or